About Elixir

Elixir Remote healthcare services was conceptualised by Dr. K. Mukund.MD. DM., an Interventional Cardiologist with more than 3 decades of experience in healthcare. Elixir Remote Healthcare services is providing Dr. Mukund's advise to his dedicated patients through dedicated App installed in the mobile phones of his patients. Founded in 2019 this App is to bring comfort to his registered patients so that Dr. Mukund is available on just a click of the App. Headquartered in Mangalore, India, Dr. Mukund has a team of doctors who ensure that Quality healthcare is provided to his patients. New patients can be provided with this dedicated App only after a personal visit and Medical check up by Dr. Mukund and his team.

Available on the
Google Store

More Features

Doctor advise... just a click away
Saves Time and Energy

Offline Appointment Booking
EMR stored in Encrypted Servers
Audio and Video Calling

Technology bridging the Doctor Patient Gap

How it Works?

  • Patient downloads the app from

    He/She uploads her medical details like. Reports etc.

    Can book appointments etc through
    the call.

  • Dr K Mukund

    The first interventional cardiologist in Mangalore with more than 30 years of experience of mending/treating heart patients. Dr. K Mukund believes that technology and medicine should go hand in hand. This in turn will bring down the cost of healthcare tremendously and improve the quality of patient care.


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